Pushing scikit-learn

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to production

Ensure the optimal experience for data scientists in running, inspecting, validating and tracking models.

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Made for data scientists

Deploying machine learning models is hard. Ensuring statistical validity and maintenance is even harder.

Track your models from experimentation to production, and engage collaboration with all stakeholders.

Best practices in machine learning are built-in by scikit-learn core developers.


Models anywhere

Start experimenting on your laptop, and deploy on our convenient cloud-agnostic SaaS, or prefer the privacy of an on-premises setup.

Own Your Data Science: no vendor lock-in, full ownership and reversibility guaranteed.


Keep it simple!

We believe simplicity leads to trustworthiness, fairness and frugality, three qualities essential to societal AI acceptance and compliance.

In this regard, simplicity is crucial to the success of machine learning projects.